Michael Brown

Brown, Michael Everett Clawson

Born at home on February 15, 1953 to Golden and Colleen Brown, and died at home beside best friend, co-conspirator and wife Diana on September 16, 2021. Between those dates, he was a son, brother, troublemaker, challenging student, dog lover, friend, uncle, farmhand, hot date, biker, opponent, bouncer, doorman, bartender, tour guide, short order cook, codefendant, welder, truck driver, taxi driver, repairman, landscaper, ace student, service advisor, wheelie king, bootlegger, stockboy, groundskeeper, repeat patient, cadaver, repeat miracle, sponsor, carpenter, husband, father, stepfather, janitor, receiver, forklift acrobat, Grampa, animal whisperer and inventor. His rescue doggo, Autumn, is still searching for her boy, and the cats are wondering what happened to the treat dispenser and interviewing for a replacement. The lawn is a disgrace. If you know Mike, he's made you laugh, often. If you're lucky, he's made you smile. If you're one of the few who saw his heart, he's made you proud.If you want to remember Mike, share a joke, make someone laugh. Pet a puppy or kitten, feed the ducks, burn something and watch the flames. Play a prank, laugh at yourself. Eat a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, have two desserts with extra Cool Whip. Laugh at old reruns. Crank the rock'n roll. Whatever you do, do it with passion and awe, like he did. If you want to honor Mike's life, pay it forward. Help someone who needs it. Burial is a private ceremony, but outdoor visitation and a celebration of life and laughter will be held at 1032 Road 6, Leamington on Saturday, October 2, 2021 from 2-8 pm. Family and friends are invited to share their words of comfort at www.reidfuneralhome.ca